Shelter from the Rain

Clouds, sun white

circle the morning,

fading dreams surf the edges.

Serrated memories

of a guitar,

a lost brother

to years strummed by.


Morning seeks shelter

from drizzling rain.

This ever changing season

of falling leaves and winds shifting,

laid bare across auburn fields

beneath a cawing sky.


I recall the fresh scents of Spring

and the glow of the Summer’s sun

when we drifted through bracken hills

crossed a trickling stream of mossy stone,

and paused to listen to a chime of wrens

on the tail end of new buds,

on this misty October day.

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Salamander Morning by Máire Morrissey-Cummins

Published with Postcard Poems and Prose, thank you Dave, Cristy and everyone🙂

Original Painting - Máire Morrissey-Cummins Original Painting – Maire Morrissey-Cummins

Máire is an Irish caílin, a Celt by breed with Viking blood, who lives in a seaside village called Greystones in County Wicklow.  The village gets its name from the colour of the stones, na Clocha Liath.

To complicate her life, she also lives in the city of Trier, in Germany, as her husband passes through there for his work, so she is an Arctic Tern or a House Martin forever returning to a nest where the chicks flew years ago and fly over Madrid and Dublin.

Poet/artist Máire Morrissey-Cummins. Poet/artist Maire Morrissey-Cummins.

Greystones Clocha Liath Greystones Clocha Liath

Coffee and scone. Coffee and scone.

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Tanka to a prompt # island

distant island

up close

crested waves

the foamy swell

of emigration




of emigration

my ancestors

vast seas ripple

with lost language *


* Gaelic language



Author Interview: Mary T Bradford

My friend Mary T. Bradford, Author and so successful…..wonderful woman🙂🙂

Jeff Gardiner's Blog

MTB I’d like to welcome fellow Tirgearr author Mary T Bradford to my blog today. Mary  is a published writer of short stories in magazines, newspapers and anthologies both in Ireland and internationally. Her first novel ‘My Husband’s Sin’ is with Tirgearr Publishing and will be coming out soon. Her first short story collection, ‘A Baker’s Dozen’ is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format. Mary has also written plays and has seen her work short-listed and performed.

  1. What are the main ideas or themes in your book?

The theme in My Husband’s Sin which is due out on July 1st this summer with Tirgearr Publishing is loss and its effects on families. What does it mean to be part of a family, how important is it to be able to identify yourself with those around you? When the family that you have been raised with is threatened and…

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River Song


I am very sad to have to report that the body of my friend, the haiku poet Martin Lucas, has just been found on a beach near the mouth of the Ribble, a river he deeply loved. How this happened we do not yet know. He had been missing for more than three weeks. Martin has long been the editor of one of the world’s finest haiku journals, Presence. When Martin visited Japan in March 2003, he had presided at a kukai held by Hailstone in Osaka; and again, in May 2005, Hailstone had linked up with Martin’s ‘Roses’ group in the North of England for the world’s first international synchronous kukai (conducted ‘live’ via the internet). He had only just published, in the latest issue of Presence, his review of our new book.
The following haiku sequence (or rensaku) – what he simply called “River Song” –…

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Thought for the Day

“There are a thousand ways our essential nature can be expressed in the world, infinite ways to hold and love the world. If you look at your life from within that sense of the quiet stillness you are, you will see this inner-essence, this innocence, like a bright thread woven throughout the centre of your life. It has always been there because it is what you are, and living it consciously is why you are here._ ~Oriah from THE CALL

What is that thread that runs through the centre of your being, your life, your cells & your breath- the thread that guides you home over and over? Sometimes we feel it like a tug in the centre of the chest. Sometimes our whole body wants to turn toward something we cannot see. Sometimes our dreams point to it in symbols & metaphors. May we be awake to the opportunity to find & follow the thread of our own life today.



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